Slides and other materials from Core C++ 2019

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Core C++ 2019 Presentation Materials


Presentations and code from Core C++ 2019.

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Lightning Talks

  1. C/C++ is very similar to Java/JavaScript by Eran Gilad
  2. C++ is NOT a Hammer by Greg Ravikovich
  3. Who includes me? by Miri Kogan
  4. ∞ 𝐂++++++… by Saar Raz
  5. Interview Question by Rafi Wiener
  6. Arguments over Arguments by Adi Shavit
  7. Keep Your Friends under Control by Phil Nash
  8. What’s in the box? by Phil Nash
  9. How to pass (my) candidate screening by Nimrod Sapir
  10. Where do you want to put the comma? by Meir Komar
  11. A Letter to My Descendents by Meir Komar
  12. Form an Israeli C++ National Body by Bryce Adelstein Lelbach