Sponsor Core C++!

Core C++ has a long-term mission to serve the needs of C++ developers in Israel and we are interested in partnering with companies that share that long-term vision.

Supporting and sponsoring Core C++ delivers value to companies in our community in a number of ways.

Value directly to companies that sponsor or have employees speak:

Value to employees as attendees or speakers:



Our Hosting Sponsorship is $250 per monthly meeting. This sponsorship covers our venue rental and refreshments.


Business Case

C++ Core is run by hard-nosed engineers and we aren’t asking for charity or for companies to support us to “feel good.” We are offering value for value.

We know that attracting talent is tough. Our group attracts engineers that are eager to develop their skills and stay current with best practices. By providing a speaker you have the opportunity to influence and impress that group. By being a Hosting Sponsor, you have the opportunity to treat them to a quick bite. Either way, your support is delivering value though it may be hard to measure in the near term.

When considering the sponsorship of a local developer community user group, the question of ROI (Return on Investement) occasionally comes up. The C++ developers who attend our user group are typically the top-professionals in their field. If your company is hiring top-talent, then a long-term sponsorship commitment increases the chance that attendees will consider you when looking at options. Head-hunters and recruiters are typically paid 10% or more of starting salary for each technical hire such as our members. If you successfully hire just one of our members once every three or four years, that is already worth the sponsorship investement.